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Plush Squeaky Line

Toys include hangtag and UCC code.

Plush Squeaky Lobsters

Our Best Seller! Large lobster has 3 squeakers-one in the body and one in each claw. Large lobster is 11 inches long. Mini lobster has one squeaker and is 7 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Alligators

Our mighty plush gator toys are mean and green! Our largest plush toy, the large gator is 12 inches long, while the small gator is 9 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Orcas

Momma Orca is 10 inches long and baby Orca is our tiniest plush toy at only 5 inches long. Both contain a squeaker.

Plush Squeaky Humpback Whale

Great for whale watches & coastal destinations from sea to shining sea. Our Humpback whale is 11 inches long. Available plain or with “Alaska” or “Cape Cod” embroidered on the pectoral fin.

Plush Squeaky Dolphin

Always a fan favorite, this little guy is sure to please dogs of all sizes! Our Dolphin toy is 7 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Crabs

Our crab toys are 8 inches from claw to claw and are available in blue or red. 

Plush Squeaky Seal

This little guy is absolutely adorable! Available plain or sporting a “Maine” red or blue “Alaska” bowtie. Toy is 7 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Turtles

These adorable turtles work equally well for a beach or lake location. The large turtle is 8 inches long x 6 inches wide & the small turtle is 6 inches long x 4 inches wide.

Plush Squeaky Sharks

These hungry guys are a fan favorite in all beachy locales. Large toy is 11 inches long, small is 7 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Loon

Get a little looney! Our plush squeaky loon toy is 9 inches long and ready to go to the lake.

Plush Squeaky Moose

King of the forest, our majestic moose toy is 7 inches tall. Available plain or wearing a red “Maine”, green “Colorado”, blue “New Hampshire”, blue “Alaska”, or green “Vermont” bowtie. Please specify when ordering.

Plush Squeaky Cow

Cute as can be, Cows come plain or adorned with a green bowtie from “Wisconsin”, “Colorado”, or “Vermont” only. Please specify when ordering. Cows are 7 inches tall.

Plush Squeaky Horse

Sure to delight equestrian lovers everywhere, our plush squeaky horse toy is 9 inches long.

Plush Squeaky Bear

Our bodacious black bear toy is 8 inches tall. Available plain or with paw embroidered with “Maine”, “Colorado”, “New Hampshire”, “Alaska”, or “Smoky Mountains”. Please specify when ordering.

Plush Squeaky Husky

Our Husky is 6 1/2 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

Plush Squeaky Puffin

This handsome guy is 9 inches tall and 8 1/2 inches wide.